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Learn how Hays Switzerland not only improved recruiting efficiency by integrating mamgo into their online marketing strategy, but also drastically reduced the cost per application. This case study takes a neutral look at the challenges, the solutions and the sustainable successes that have resulted from the partnership. Experience the evolution of efficient recruiting!

"What inspires me about our cooperation with mamgo is the combination of service and high-performance technology: we always have competent sparring partners who help us to achieve the best results in our interests. The mamgo team makes the adjustments for us. The smart algorithms do the rest. It's always exciting to see how the results develop over the months and how invested our contact at mamgo is in the success of our campaign. The collaboration is simply fun!"

Oliver Valentin Stula
Marketing Manager

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The company

Hays invests in lasting partnerships for the success of people and companies. With over 50 years of experience and 10,000 employees in 33 countries, Hays is one of the world's leading recruitment consultancies. Through its size and diversity of assignments, the company brings unparalleled knowledge to support clients and partners with the innovation they need to make informed decisions in the dynamic world of work.


Minimize dependency on common job platforms


Hays Switzerland was faced with the challenge of making its recruiting budget more efficient and minimizing its dependence on conventional job platforms. The aim was to develop a flexible alternative to the traditional contingent/job board system and to introduce a performance-based advertisement system. The focus here was to be placed on actually generated applications and not just on the duration of the job advertisements.


First step - CPA optimization:
The strategic integration of mamgo enabled Hays Switzerland to reduce the average cost per application (CPA) by an impressive 50%. This initial success marked a significant milestone in the optimization of the recruiting process and enabled the budget to be used in a more targeted manner.

Second step - balance and fine-tuning:
mamgo supports Hays Switzerland in fine-tuning the campaign on three key levels:

1. Better distribution of applications: mamgo ensures an optimal distribution of applications across all vacancies to ensure that each position is considered appropriately and that the recruitment process runs efficiently at all levels.

2 Further diversification of job boards: By targeting different job boards, mamgo ensures a broader reach and targets potential candidates across different platforms to maximize the diversity and quality of applicants.

3. Better distribution of budget deployment over the course of the month: mamgo enables precise control of budget deployment over the course of the month to avoid outliers. This ensures an even and controlled distribution of resources and maximizes the effectiveness of the recruiting campaign.



Performance Driven Approach: CPA reduction of 50%
Diversification of job boards: 4-5 times more job boards used to attract highly qualified talent
Flexible campaign management: live data evaluation, adjustment of variables and addition of new job boards "with a few clicks"
Continuous process optimization: data-based analysis and target setting for efficient and long-term growth
Advice at eye level: regular exchange and campaign advice with Mamgo

Outlook for the future: costs per qualified application 

Hays Switzerland is consistently focusing on the progressive integration of mamgo into the existing HR system (ATS) in order to further refine the recruitment processes and continuously increase the quality of the candidates acquired. By deepening the connection between the two systems, Hays Switzerland aims not only to improve the cost per placement, but also to systematically optimize all aspects of the recruiting lifecycle. This integration allows Hays Switzerland to access comprehensive data and analytics that provide deeper insight into the effectiveness of various recruiting strategies.

The long-term goal is not only to reduce costs, but also to develop more sustainable and effective methods for identifying, approaching and placing talent. The partnership with mamgo not only underlines the current successes, but also highlights the clear focus on future innovations and continuous optimization in the entire recruiting process. Hays Switzerland is committed to flexibly adapting to the changing demands of the labor market and gaining a competitive advantage through innovative technologies such as mamgo. The close collaboration with mamgo is seen as a strategic move to ensure a sustainable and efficient recruitment approach in a constantly evolving world of work.

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